Origin Business Engineering & Espoir Export is a Dutch company active in business development, marketing, research and facilitation of new projects in the offshore oil gas and maritime sector, including storing and transporting of petroleum products.

Business engineering includes all activities that are necessary to develop and maintain an independent line of business. It is comparable with starting a business. It means that there is no core market yet or market opportunities need to be created.

Added value is delivered to our clients through the skills of the people involved, creativity in bringing up surprising angles, personality and determination in getting the job done.

Origins market intelligence combined with excellent networking capabilities and knowledge provides an informed position to further develop opportunities. All associates in their respective fields have worked at the heart of their business which brings the deepest understanding of industry issues and growth potential.

The company focuses strongly on developing areas where a leap in technology together with strong developments in its energy market can create vast opportunities for foreign companies that have been operating in mature areas as the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico. All individual associates have a long track record of doing business in both geographical areas and are all well connected, Origin BE is in a position not only to market products and services in these areas but also advice on strategic decision for market entry and implement these decisions efficiently. Our specialists work so closely with our clients in order to find the optimal solution for their needs and services.  As our reputation grows all-round globe with the good quality service availability and multimodal access, we operate very actively and flexibly, have short lines of communication, and offer a wide range of services to our clients.

Clients Area

Recently Origin Business Engineering & Espoir Export launched it's new client area.
Having a decent business development and sales process in place is of course essential in ensuring and controling a steady stream of leads and opportunities, Capturing this information and sharing it with the sales team, however is often organized ad hoc and without support of a system fit for purpose, Origin BE uses a system for CRM and project management that has proven itself many times and is simple in use. For more information on how we share information with our clients and structure their process in a usable it solution.


Origin B.V engineers, designs, and manufactures value-driven solutions for the global oil and gas industry, we are one of the world’s most respected design in engineering 

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We focus on upstream activities Petroleum resources, appraisal Reserves and development of oil and gas production including their transportion and storage Gas processing.

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We are global, full-service consulting, engineering and storage company, we has the breadth of capabilities, professional talent

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Transportation is a vital part of every living things and is an importants part of our everyday lifes to ensuring the reliable and affordable flow of petroleum

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