Origin Business Engineering B.V & Espoir Export is one of the upright independent and most trusted land-based drilling rig design consulting company in the Netherland. We provide industry leading engineering and manufacturing tools and solutions that provide manufacturers, owners and operators, throughout the globe, with an enduring competitive advantage. Being the only one of its kind in this business model allows us to obtain the very best talent and provide our clients with provocative and highly gratifying careers. This express into an exceptional customer experience, unlike any other in the industry. We thrive by creating strategic alliances with our business partners and then sharing in their success.


We are skilled and experience in process plants, equipment fabrication and complete project handling.

 The project engineering competence is special as it leverages the strength from the in-house and tied up technologies with specialists, across the world, to offer large range solution to the clients.

Origin Business Engineering B.V aims to make an advanced and a worthwhile difference as it fulfils demand for functional economy, efficiency and reliability.

 At Origin Business Engineering B.V, we cater to complete seed Oil Industry, Solvent Extraction Plants, Veg. oil Refinery Plants, Hydrogenation, Bio-diesel plants, pipeline consultation, Chemical Process Industry and projects relating to Specialty Fats, Essential Oils, Storage contraction & maintainers, Photochemical Extractions, Lecithin Defatting Plants, Super Critical Fluid Extraction Plants (SCFC) and Herbal Extractions,

We always strive for excellence and we are continually evolving with time and technology.

We manufacture and export wide range of industrial machinery, per customer’s requirement and specifications.

 With state-of-the-art infrastructure and dedicated professionals, we are poised to deliver products in conformation with the international standards.

 We are capable of satisfactorily meeting the specific requirements of our customers. 

Origin Business Engineering B.V has its business in Origination. The company develops on an opportunistic basis business cases for companies cross regional and cross market on a fee based economic model. The Business Engineering part includes all activities that are necessary to develop and maintain an independent line of business. It is comparable with starting a business, but includes the novel component.  It means that there is no core market yet or market opportunities need to be created.

Added value is delivered to our clients through the skills of the people involved, creativity in bringing up surprising angles, personality and determination in getting the deal done.

Origin Business Engineering B.V market intelligence combined with excellent networking capabilities of pipelines and knowledge provides an informed position to further develop opportunities. All associates in their respective fields have worked at the heart of their business which brings the deepest understanding of industry issues and growth potential.

A rational train of thought, a productive relationship and a lot of hard work in doing extensive market and sector research will transform Client's business opportunities to value adding projects

Origin Business Engineering is a leading dependent & independent services provider for the oil & gas storage and power generation markets. We provide a worldwide services which include Storage of petroleum products, procurement and fright management, facility operations & maintenance, and their maintainers such as cleaning and repair of tanks and transportation to our clients various location.

Our global reputation has been built upon decades of successfully managing even the most complex engagements for our clients, offering a broad range of integrated services across the asset lifecycle. Today, as always, we are focused on safely delivering innovative, fit-for-purpose solutions to our diverse base of customers requests.

We are is also associated with specialists and professionals in various branches to carry out services in transporting raw materials and finish goods to our clients home and abroad thru a unique and avoidable logistic services, such as Petroleum product by Pipeline, rail, Sea and by road, while and instrumentation and striving to expand its activities with in-house technologies as well as through licensing with agreement and collaboration with reliable companies internationally, transportation by flight and Sea for other raw materials or finished products.


Deal Origination Success Factors
» Specific sector knowledge, track record, personal relationships and ability to execute are important factors in deal origination;
» Key factors:
• Havinga strong sector focus and network of contacts within particular industries to helpgenerate leads that have an advantageous angle in the process;
• Bringing onboard industry specialists to assess opportunities and gain credibility within the intermediate community and potential management teams. This helps to ensure the angle is leveraged throughout the deal origination execution process;
• Long lasting client relationships built on trust and allow to gain a valuable insight in the company
that results in origination activities aligned with company strategy;
• Having dedicated resourceson origination process. Origination is continuous process;
• "Cross selling" of contacts, key information and competences/capabilities from other firm seivice portfolio activities is essentia I especially at the start.
• Other factors:
• Leveraging on advisory board members, investors, other reiataondiips;
• On-eloping the firms reputation m etecuton and ability to complete deals-> getting the job done a essential;

» Origin Business Engineering roll:
- Deal origination service maintains a dose partnership with the client in order to best fulfill its requirements
-> Have a key account approach is essential, build long lasting relationships;
- This means you cannot serve everyone. Our roll is very much trust based and can not be put at risk;
-  Working with the client to identify key project criteria, in addition to availability, attractiveness and portfolio synergy. Origin BE to select and mediate high potential deals.
- Commercial deal origination process needs to lead to new business, excellence in execution is vital.