Ecology is number one of Our company goals, The purpose of ecology is to provide knowledge and ensure people around us are in good health quaranteed and operational safely, client satisfaction and environmental protected has alway been our aim. This is how we work to protect our environment and people around us. We aim to achieve more environment safty by teaching our people and to develop the common interaction to save and keep our environment free of pollution.

However, major challenges facing Origin Business Engineering B.V cannot be met without giving attention to the issues of nature protection and minimization of environmental impact.

Today, the environmental factor is no less important to the image of a company than its capitalization rate. Innovative low impact technologies have become today a major competitive advantage, facilitating companies struggle for markets or license areas. Underlying the company's nature conservation efforts are not only federal acts the Law on Environmental Protection, the National Security Concept and the Ecological Doctrine of the Netherland but corporate documents as well. They include the annually adopted Origin Business Engineering B.V, Environmental and Radiation Safety Program and Environmental Safety Program of the Organizations of the Rotterdam Group, worked out on the basis of the requirements of International Standard ISO.


The uniqueness of the ecosystem of our company and the value of its biological resources call for tough measures to ensure its ecological safety.

In addition to strict observance of environmental protection legislation, Origin B.V  ecological policy in the Netherland as a country is based on taking a systemic approach to solving ecological problems, developing an optimum long-term research strategy in the field of nature conservation, and making use of the most advanced technological developments, enhancing operational reliability of the equipment and minimizing adverse impact on the ecosystem.

It is worthy to note that while carrying out our projects, the company makes a special point of preserving the natural ecological balance.

The zero discharge principle is observed, and the experience gained in the process of Storage, Transporting or exploratory drilling of our Engineering services are jack-up floating drilling rig is to be drawn upon while developing newly-discovered innovations.