Origin B.V is united in a set of core values that enhance our product and services offering and embody who we are, both as individuals and as a company.

  • Our clients’ satisfaction and the establishment of long-term relationships,
  • The personal development of our employees in a pleasant workplace where teamwork is the key,
  • The occupational health and safety of all through prevention and the adoption of safe work ethics and practises,
  • Personal respect, integrity and professionalism,
  • Management based on the highest-quality standards: the satisfaction of our clients, the compliance with the laws and regulations governing the environment, and the constant implementation and improvement of our processes,
  • Innovation and the development of new technologies.

Even before the term “sustainbale development” was coined, Origin B.V knew we would be witness to an increasing demand for sustainable solutions to environmental management. many years later, our novel ideas have matured into state-of-the-art technological processes to recover and use our skill professionals to carry out the best services and server our clients better.


We’ve used feedback from our sustainability employee engagement programme to create a sustainability pathway framework, for launch in 2015, setting our sustainability direction up to 2020.

Sustainability represents our values in action. Sustainability is today’s embodiment of the Origin Business Engineering B.V Way, putting into action our core values of integrity, responsibility, innovation, excellence, and collaboration, along with an underlying emphasis on safety. At Origin Business Engineering B.V , we believe that sustainability is integral to our commitment to operational excellence worldwide. We see sustainability not just as a nice thing to do, but as the right way of doing business.

Origin Business Engineering commitments are outlined in the policies stated below:

Responsible Care® Committee Charter available in English
Responsible Care® Global Charter in available in English
Responsible Care® Policy in available in English & Dutch
Environmental, Safety & Health Policy available in EnglishDutch
CIAC’s Responsible Care® Ethic available in Englishresponsibility-care_origin